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Forthcoming events

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Hand Hygiene at Work webinar

The importance of hand hygiene has long been recognised, but it is only in recent years that the use of alcohol-based cleaning gels has become widespread. The purpose of this webinar is to offer suggestions to anyone with responsibility for hand hygiene within their organisation, and to present research data relevant to decision making. The webinar will cover:

  • Different types of hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Smart sanitisers – benefits and considerations
  • Strategic positioning of hand sanitisers
  • Effective hand hygiene messaging.
Advert giving further details of the Webinar on 15 Sept 2022

Health, Hygiene and Precarity at Work

  • When: 8th July 2022, 9:30-15:00 POSTPONED
  • Hosts: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Sheffield
  • Venue: Mercure Hotel, Sheffield
  • Register: We hope to rearrange the event soon. If you would like to attend email for more information

The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the importance of hygiene to health and has focused attention on strategies that minimise the spread of infection and protect populations from illness. Places of work, as part of conversations in protecting health, became an important factor in public and political decision making and in people’s personal working lives. Similarly, resources and strategies for ensuring health and safety at work are also being increasingly discussed (e.g. PPE, ventilation, physical distancing, hand sanitiser, toilet access). However, despite such conversations, inequalities and barriers persist across the workplace and across workforces when it comes to hygiene at work. This event seeks to bring together developing research projects and interests from across the Faculty of Social Sciences to ask how we understand hygiene ‘at work’ and what it means for different workers. By exploring the umbrella of ‘hygiene’, we ask what are the everyday practices and policies ‘at work’, and how we might unpick these and work to improve them for workers. We are interested in, but not limited to, the following themes:

  • Provision, exclusions and access to facilities (e.g. handwashing, showers, uniform, toilets, sanitising stations, PPE)
  • Bargaining agendas for hygiene and health at work
  • Policies and agendas for workers protecting hygiene and health
  • Changing environments and infrastructures of hygiene provision
  • Conditions, solidarities and care for workers’ hygiene and health
  • Information, knowledge and systems supporting or prohibiting hygiene and health
  • Technological systems and platforms and their relationship with hygiene and health
  • National and international contexts and comparisons of hygiene at work
  • The relationship between workplace precarity and access to hygiene

The aim for the day is to present findings, explore research interests and campaign priorities, to work together and set collective agendas for the next stages of the research. This event is being organised by Dr Lauren White (iHuman/Education), Dr Andrew Madden (Information School), Dr Sophie Rutter (Information School), Dr Katy Fox-Hodess (Centre for Decent Work, Management School) and Prof Kirsty Newsome (Centre for Decent Work, Management School) and Dr Andrew Smith (Centre for Decent Work, Management School). 

The Organisers wish to acknowledge the support of the Centre for Decent Work, Sheffield University Management School in hosting this event.

Please contact Lauren White ( if you are interested in attending and have any access requirements or questions.