Hygiene on the Move

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Hygiene on the Move

For mobile workers (people who work away some or all of the time from their work base or they have no fixed work base) accessing hygiene facilities is challenging as public and commercial facilities are not readily available, use may come at a financial cost and workers may need to seek permission. Workers often rely on the goodwill of people in private homes, develop their own workarounds or avoid using facilities. For mobile workers, lack of hygiene facilities fosters inequalities, impacts their dignity, welfare and productivity, and is a serious health concern for communities as a whole.

From an interview study with 22 UK mobile workers we have developed

  • a research paper: challenges of accessing hygiene facilities when on the move: an exploratory interview study with UK mobile workers
  • a policy brief that highlights the challenges faced by mobile workers trying to access hygiene facilities, and makes recommendations to policy makers
  • a scenario resource for facilitating discussion between organisations, their employees and anyone with a responsibility for public health

We would be very interested to hear about how these resources have been used, what was useful and what could be improved. Please email Sophie Rutter s.rutter@sheffield.ac.uk